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Content writing is the art of writing content for websites. It is much more than just putting a random strings of words together to make a sentence. In content writing, the writer has to make sure that the reader holds on to every word and sentenced. If, at any point, you lose the reader, you lose a customer. Most of the time, content writing is done for promoting a product or explaining a service. So, the whole content should be attractive and interesting for the reader and this is something that many writers fail to attain.

Why is web content important

Web content forms the crux of online searching or web browsing. Whatever you find on the Internet is due to the presence of content related to it. When you go to Wikipedia, you find the answers to your questions or learn about a topic because someone has put content on there for you to read. Similarly, in terms of business marketing, content is your major ally for making a place in the online marketplace.

For example, if someone needs to buy a new laptop for their work, they would go on the Internet and read about the product. You cannot possibly get all the information about a laptop by reading the specifications on its box. This is where content comes in as it informs the reader more about a certain product and develops interest.

Similarly, if someone needs a photographer for their graduation pictures, they would go online and search for photographers in their region. Google would show them the websites with the best content because Google and other search engines want to show the best and most relevant results to their users. When people search using a keyword, search engines would look for that keyword in your content and then show your website to the searcher if their algorithms think that your website would be most useful for the searcher. Therefore, you need to have appropriate and attractive content on your website to be acknowledged or noticed by search engines.


Features of a quality content?

Here at WebiFuture, we are aware of all the factors that make a content a quality content. You can fill your whole website with words but it would give you results until that content fulfills the criteria of web visibility and search engines.

Content Writing

Search engine readability:

Readability refers to the comfort or ease with which the readers can read a particular content. If a content has too many difficult words or long sentences, it would be unable to capture the readers’ attention for a long time. Search engines show those contents on the higher rankings that are easier to read. A general English-speaking individual should be able to read the content that you put up on your website.



The content on your website should be optimized for search engines. There are thousands of websites in your niche by why is Google showing a certain website on the top? This is because that particular website is optimized for Google.

Optimization means to keep the search engine’s guidelines in consideration and mould the content according to that. At WebiFuture, we are pros at SEO and we know how to optimize the content in such a way that it appears high on Google ranking. From using the best keywords for a particular topic to ensuring that the content is plagiarism-free, we do it all.



Nowadays, people are very busy and they would rather see images than read. For example, if you are selling vacuum cleaners, it is likely that people would be more impressed by the pictures of your product than the description you have put up. This does not mean that content is useless, it just means that images are equally imperative for a website’s success.

We put up only the most high-quality images on your website. People do not want to see low-resolution or irrelevant pictures when they are looking for something specific. This is why we give them what they want: high-resolution pictures that are relevant to the keyword.