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Mobile apps are currently revolutionizing the digital industry as they come with some features that web pages might not have. If you are wondering why you should get WebiFuture to create a mobile app for you, here are a few statistics to convince you to do so. 204 billion apps were downloaded in 2019, which is a world record. The number of downloaded increased by 45% since 2016 and 6% since 2018. Consumers have spent up to $120 billion on buying apps or subscriptions. It is estimated that common mobile users spend up to 3.7 hours on apps in their day.


1: Keep Customers in the loop

In today’s world, you definitely need a mobile app for your business or service. This is because apps are a go-to solution for interaction. For example, if you have an app for your baking business, people can place their orders through the app or get notifications about your newest additions to the menu etc. Since apps are always active, even in the background, you can stay in touch with the customers through notification

2: Branding your business

When compared with the web, mobile apps have a tendency to retain customers much more often and for a longer time. They help in establishing strong relationships with your customers. The layout, design, and features in your app become a symbol for your business. For example, users see the black and white logo of Uber on their phone every single day, so their minds familiarize the design with the company.

3: How  do we  help ?

At WebiFuture, we create mobile apps that do not only fulfill today’s needs but also those of the future. The apps created by us are fast and reliable because no one wants to spend hours of their day on a slow app. We do not only create an app and forget about it, but we also follow up on the bug fixes and updates so that the app is always best to use.

Moreover, we customize the app for your particular business, as generic designs would never help you in branding your business. Also, we keep customer satisfaction and ease in mind when creating apps. Customers want an easy-to-use app with a friendly user interface, and this is what we give them.

We create apps for Android, iOS, and Windows, so your visibility and presence in guaranteed on all platforms.


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